Bombay / Mumbai: Immersions
Many writers, artists and photographers have chronicled this city in word and …Read


The Bahuroopiya in a Bhoolbuliya: Rupture and Rapture
the processes of creativity fascinate me as much as the act of writing itself. …Read

The Centrality of Wander in Creative Practice
journal Lab, 2000. …Read

Critical Perspectives –Writing the Now : Postmodernism, Nationalism and the esemplastic imagination
paper, Sahitya Akademi New Voices , Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, 2004.

Jal Sutra
paper at inter-disciplinary seminar on water and creativity, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2003.

Musicals and the Construction of National Identity
seminar: University of California, Los Angeles, USA in 2000.

Literature: Profusion and Simultaneity in Indian Art Practice
seminar: Film and the Other Arts, Filmoteca Espanola, Madrid, 1999.

Mahabharata: Texts, Contexts, Readings Menaka’s Intervention
seminar, Indian Academy of Literature Golden Jubilee Celebrations, New Delhi, 2004.

Will a Phoenix rise? Censorship by the mob
journal Adelphiniana 3 2004.

Transformed Images: The Case of Hiroshighe’s “Great Wave” and the Abhisarika Nayika
India International Center’s Quarterly, 2004.

*The Unveiled
catalogue, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2003. …Read

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