The Other Garden
The year was 1992. Parts of India had experienced sectarian violence; many of us were shocked by the transformation of Indian polity. The country seemed to have lost its liberal identity; the new colour it was donning was unfamiliar and disturbing. On the personal front I had shifted to a new city and had lost my job, my friends, my familiar landmarks: I too didn’t know where I was heading, or even, any longer, who I was. A disturbed silence followed.
Generation 14
In Generation 14 I continue my experiments with language, hybrid forms and ways of eliciting concentrated reader engagement.
This time I turned to the ‘low’ Western genre of sci-fi in which to set afloat the main story. I wanted to work within the tropes of the traditional novel with a beginning, middle and end. Into this framework I inset ‘high’ ancient Indian aesthetic conventions of the rasa theory to forge emotional intensities and seek alternative modes of suspenseful storytelling.


Ice Wine
His mother mails: if Shailaja agrees, consider calling your cousin to Toronto. After all Neerja is alone in New York while her mother is seriously ill here. You know she can’t return until she gets her Green Card…The mail smokes out the girl from his youth in Chennai, a girl with his aunt’s wide smile, a flame flitting in and out of his memory. Sesh calls the number his mother sent. Puts on his best big brother style, slips in a phrase of Tamil and tells her voice mail to call him back. …Read more

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